Adam White and Jayson Archibald

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To be in the Australian Army is to be part of protecting our country, its national interests and its people, as well as helping other nations to rebuild after conflict or natural disaster. Local Guyra lads Adam White and Jayson Archibald explain why they chose this challenging but rewarding career path.

Adam White

When and Why did you join the Army?

I joined in June 2004 for officer training at the Royal Military College Duntroon. There were two main reasons I joined. The first was that being in the military was something I had always wanted to do; the second was to receive mentoring and motivation from Ron Wykneit, a teacher at school.

Where did you complete your training?

The Royal Military College Duntroon (RMC-D), Canberra. After completing the First Appointment Course at RMC-D, I graduated to Royal Australian Army Ordinance Corps, then transferred to RAA.

Tell us about your role and responsibilities?

The training I have completed has allowed me to work my way into the role of Captain – 8/12th Medium Regiment, Royal Australian Artillery (RAA), Forward Observer. My role is to coordinate all types of indirect fires and effects, ranging from artillery and mortars to naval guns and attack aircraft. Prior to this job, my role was to supervise and control the fire of a medium gun battery consisting of six 155 mm Howitzers. My responsibilities include providing accurate, timely and safe indirect fire for my supported superior and maintenance of the personnel and equipment within my team.

Describe a typical day on the job?

Generally, my day starts with physical training, then some administration until lunch, then I focus on training my team. During field training, the typical day is devoted entirely to training my team

Plans for the future?

I will deploy shortly. After returning, I will spend a further year in Darwin then hopefully move south, to be an Instructor Gunnery at the School of Artillery in Victoria.

Thank you Adam.

Jayson Archibald

Why did you decide to join the Army?

I had been in a few different roles after leaving school, and none of it was really what I could see myself making a career of.

After watching a program on the Defense Force – seeing what life was like and the great range of careers paths you can choose from, I thought, “I can do that.” So I looked into how to enrol and went from there.

Tell us more about your role now in the Army?

I wanted to gain a trade out of the Army, so once I was accepted to join, my recruiting officer assisted me with my options. I was interested mostly in building or HVM (Heavy Vehicle Mechanics).

After deciding to go with HVM, I was then sent down to Albury, where I am now based, to complete further training.

Once my training is completed, I will be responsible for inspection, repairs and maintenance of all kinds of vehicles, including 4WDs, trucks, armoured vehicles, motorbikes etc.                        >

Describe a typical day on the job?

My day starts at 5.30am. I have to prepare my room for inspection order and then press my uniform to be dressed and on parade by 7.15am.

We then start work for the day, which can vary depending on what needs to be done and what training we are focusing on.

Plans for the future?

Right now I am working on completing my training, which takes 18 months. I will then be relocated to another base; I am hoping to head to Brisbane.

I then hope to start working towards gaining some deployment time.

Thank you Jayson.

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