about new england focus

the company

Founded on the desire to produce beautiful graphic design, and platform to tell positive stories of our region - FOCUS publications have been gracing coffee tables since late 2005.

When it came to creating a space for local businesses to advertise in print, the Focus product filled a niche in the free & gloss market. Somewhere between a newspaper and a retail magazine that you would find in news agencies, Focus found their space.

Less clutter, more words, and always beautiful photography.

For founders Jay and Louise Beaumont, contributing positively to the community has always been at the forefront of their business mission by being actively involved in charity events, community events and festivals, business networks and their own hobbies with videography and sports.

The passion for print, design and graphics combined with delivering their product for free to locals every month is the bedrock of the business.

While the independent publishers carved out their niche in Port Macquarie they were quick to expand into other markets, and in 2007 opened their Taree (Manning Great Lakes) site and just two months later another in Armidale (New England).

In 2010, the opportunity to launch in another growing regional city presented and the Coffs Coast Focus was established.

With a print circulation of 74,000 copies a month, FOCUS is the largest free glossy masthead for the Mid North Coast and New England areas of NSW. With pages growing every day, it was no surprise that business venture opportunities came knocking on the FOCUS doors.

Now, as a Joint Venture with Fairfax Media, FOCUS enjoys the freedom to create and deliver a product that is true to its roots, whilst having the support of Australia’s leading multimedia company.

Apart from its visual presentation and content, one of the defining attributes of the FOCUS product is the team that puts each edition together.

Headed up by Jay are five accomplished graphic designers; whose talent for creating eye-catching visuals and creating stunning photography work brings the publication to a new level of creative  work.

The work the team creates for their clients comes in via the sales team, led by Louise who has overseen the management of the sales department and driven its success for the past 13 years.

And then there are the stories. Interviews with local people, visitors and good human interest topics easily readable via the question and answer format that FOCUS readers enjoy. There’s never been a journalist hired, and there is no hard news. It’s always been about pulling together the best of what’s happening, who’s here, and who has a great story to tell every month.

Cultivating a cohesive team environment where design, sales and editorial work together to produce FOCUS is what has kept the product as a market leader.

The approachable, close knit, and forward thinking Focus team continue to challenge the status quo in print media, and look forward to many many more years in the market.

our team

Sales Team

Louise Beaumont oversees the management of the Sales Department and the team across all four regions.

Louise’s passion lies in seeing the successful outcomes for businesses who advertise regularly with FOCUS. Successful local businesses are the bread and butter advertisers, ensuring their brand is presented the best, that their advertising aligns with their overall goals and that their endeavours within the local community are supported; all forms part of the sales strategy.

edition coordinator

Our edition coordinators are responsible for developing the local advertising strategy for their region. Aligning their edition format and features to the group to ensure consistency; and ensuring local business needs and customer expectations are achieved is their mission.

New England Coordinator: Amber MacFarlane: amber@focusmag.com.au

our designers

FOCUS has its own Design Studio where our creative geniuses make your business advertisement come to life.

Housed in Port Macquarie, our team of designers are constantly evolving their styles and creative flare to produce creative that stands out from the rest.

Art Director: Dylan Gaul: dylan@focusmag.com.au
Graphic Designer: Jeff Cowan: jeff@focusmag.com.au
Graphic Designer: Kyle Rathbone: kyle@focusmag.com.au
Graphic Designer: Phiranno Chuon: phi@focusmag.com.au
Videography/ Art & Digital: Jay Beaumont. info@focusmag.com.au

our photographer

They are talented individuals with their own local businesses, specialising in everything from Portrait and Wedding photos, to Real Estate and Landscapes. Our photographers capture the images that tell the story.

We offer our photography for FREE as part of our advertising - to ensure the quality is delivered.

New England Photographer James Brooks: james@focusmag.com.au

our contributors

We can’t be everywhere or confess to know everything and everyone in our region; so we enlist the help of local identities, professionals and representatives from a range of groups to deliver current and informative content on a range of topics including: Social, Business, Tourism, Art and Real Estate.

Susie Dunn - Icing on the Cake
Katrina George- Tourism Insight
Ingrid Rothe - Business Minds
Terri Hall - Star Guide
Anthony Fox - Minding your Business